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As every human being, we get rusty, bored and end up procrastinating especially when we don’t do what we love!

At FREEDOM, good thing is that we turned our passion into our job. We look for ways to always keep the fire burning, keep things interesting, extra juicy and fun above all! All the way from Mauritius, and now recently proudly settled in the UK, we market your brand and work on your designs on a worldwide basis. We create with our hearts because we consider each and every client a friend and task assigned as our very own. Committed to the core we are solution providers, we go for the new, the unique, the different.

We dare different!

Where are we at?


Plymouth is a port city in Devon, southwest England. It’s known for its maritime heritage and historic Barbican district with narrow, cobbled streets. Featuring a unique scent of fresh sea air, Plymouth is home to breathtaking views with plenty to see and do.

Advertising | Graphic Design | Illustration

Researching, adapting, combining, trying, remoulding, revamping, developing…you name it we do it. We do our utmost best by devoting our entire selves to each and every project we undertake, providing you with the best outcome resulting in achieving whatever your initial goal was and perhaps even exceeding your expectations by bringing a whole new level of creative thinking to the table. While strongly believing in the KISS theory (Keep it simple and stupid), we take care of the health of your brand and identity with a well-balanced graphic diet made up of a little bit colour here, a twist of a line there, flavoured with dandy shapes and all seasoned with some trendy fonts…it’s a WRAP!

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There is a time to be serious and now is just not it! Join us in our Lab and get involved.

If it’s considered GROWTH, then it can’t be considered FAILURE.

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