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Welcome to
Freedom Creative Studio

Liberated from the barriers set by our mind, driven by the power of positivity and minimalism, inspired by the purity of art under any of its forms, we want to hone your brilliant ideas paired to your weirdest dreams to a whole new level providing you with a brand new, unique, dynamic and creative experience ever. Dive into this immersive adventure with us on the quest to seek your perfect designs.


Tools of our Trade

At Freedom, we want to give a new meaning to ‘design’.

From a plethora of printing to digital services, we don’t take ‘NO’ for an answer. Self-improving, continuously learning new skills and perfecting those we have almost mastered, keeping up-to-date with trends or creating new ones reaching a viral scale, we do it all!

Persistence, faith and hard work are the main keys to success. Shortly said, there is always a solution to whatever the demand. All it takes is 2 ounces of sweet attitude, 5 tablespoons of inspiration, 3 cups of creativity and a serious pinch of hot chill to GET SHIT DONE…and we have it all!

Hey there, I'm Dominique

I always felt the need to create something quite unique and meaningful. Believe it or not, working for other people’s dreams for 9 whole years was very enlightening but that was just not it! Colouring outside the lines since a very young age, when the idea of creating my own company hit I was actually desperately running out of ideas for what to do with my skills and “FREE” “DOM” was my last resort.

I needed my own space, a safe haven, where weirdos like me could be FREE to create and think without that freaking box! It took raw talent, perseverance, hard work and a lot of confidence to achieve where we are at today. When you believe in yourself you can achieve anything you want; anything you think which is best for you!

We might not be the only ones out there
but you can be sure that we are damn good
at what we do!

Our Partners

Our partners are a big part of our daily tasks and duties.

At Freedom, the outcome result – your utter satisfaction – is what fuels and inspires us every single day. Each one of us has his or her own ‘super powers’. When combined, we put your concepts and ideas in gear so that they can go on the battlefield fearlessly. Just like a family would, we take care of and help each other which makes it very unique, and thus beautiful, particularly in this field where the competition is fierce. 

We want to provide you with THE most genuine client experience you were striving for, when working with us. We put you first and we want you to leave happy. In the end it all matters when YOU smile.

Fourlines is an international design collective that brings together four of the best elements in visual communication offering a 360° solution to its collaborators. A multi-disciplined, eco-responsible and digital team that operates globally fuelled by their collective expertise and know-how, combining creativity, design and technology, share a taste of details and skills to produce the best results for your project.

Be you with us!