Tools Of Our Trade
At FCS we want to give a new meaning to advertising by creating the perfect synergy between art and design. From a plethora of printing to digital services amongst others, we don’t take ‘NO’ for an answer. Continuously learning new skills and refining those we have already mastered, keeping up-to-date with trends or creating new ones reaching a viral scale, we do it all. We are so much more than just your typical advertising agency and just like an onion or a PSD file, would love for you to discover every single one of our layers.

HELLO  : )

I am Dominique a.k.a Dom

I always felt the need to create something meaningful which would touch people. However, though enlightening, being an employee for nine whole years was not how it was going to happen.

Colouring outside the lines since a very young age, the idea of coming up with ‘FREE’ ‘DOM’ hit when I finally found myself and took a stance for what I really believed in. I needed a space where creatives – like myself – could freely think without that infamous box while being their utter unapologetic self. Life is short so go the extra mile, don’t give up so easily, find your purpose and be a firm believer in yourself. Be You, Do You, For You!
Capturing Essences
People don’t connect with brands. They connect with the history behind the brand and how it relates to theirs. Carefully picked, blue represents the sky and the sea bringing with it a sense of calmness, instilling trust, loyalty and intelligence. The colour and its shades are often associated with freedom, imagination and inspiration.
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