In an endless stream of rhythms, our aim is to nourish your musical escapades by mining for these golden melodies that give each of our sets a soul of their own. We curate each of the essences of our sessions to directly interact with your senses and soothe them. A blending of art, visuals and sound, we introduce to you ‘The Science Of Music’ through Freedom Sessions.

Music label founded in May 2020, in The UK.
Dopamine | C8H1NO2
Serotonin | C10H12N2O
Endorphins | C77H120N18O26S
Dopamine | C8H1NO2
Serotonin | C10H12N2O
Endorphins | C77H120N18O26S
Endorphins | C77H120N18O26S


Freedom Sessions saw daylight on May 17th 2020 for Freedom Creative Studio’s 3rd anniversary, while everyone’s life was abruptly haltered due to the pandemic situation. Each of our “chapters” came with a theme where we fully invested ourselves to produce an interactive, live and most of the time very engaging performance. Our first few episodes mainly focused on our DJ skills and music. Later on, we started experimenting with new genres of music in beautiful outdoor locations while upping our game and DJ techniques.

Since then, Freedom Sessions has evolved and gained popularity to the point of now proudly being sponsored as well as getting some of our sets aired and distributed by other channels, artists and even on an online worldwide radio.
Music that
accompanies and hypes
you up every day every time!


I will let my playlist
do the talking…

     NO BS!

Music is what holds it all together. A fundamental need to the creation of our artistry, it is perhaps our strongest cornerstone leading to the blossoming of our ideas and concepts. It is part of the main essence that gives life to FCS; a new way of thinking through melodies and sounds. Hype up your morning treadmill routine or boost your 3 AM creative sesh with our personal custom-made playlists on YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify featuring the best finds of our sets and so much more. Ready, Set…Play!
Curated Melodies &
Rhythmic Escapades
Blended Using
Plug In & Let Go