A beacon of technological security advancement nested under the Honeywell Group located in Nigeria, Pavilion Technology Limited (PTL) provides end-to-end vertical technology, security infrastructure solutions, smart data platforms, and manned security options for businesses. They are dedicated to ensuring your safety by combining unmatched expertise and skill to design and implement protection solutions that create a secure customer experience, foster business security reinvention, streamline operational excellence, and deliver trust and compliance.

Our Role
Identity Rebranding • Brand World Design • Collaterals Design • Website & Online Presence Construction

The people at PTL discovered us through our LinkedIn profile which landed us to pitch our way in against 5 other giants in the advertising field. Backed up by a solid presentation and the confident expertise of the Fourlines Design Studio team, we not only impressed them but provided them with constant assistance during the whole duration of the project, a dedicated customer service and support as well as a fast-pace project delivery.

Services We Provided

           ART DIRECTION

With an identity which dated from the early beginnings of the company, PTL was in dire need of a make over – and this is what we happen to excel at. Our idea since the very start was to construct an identity that would feature both a logo mark and a logo type which of course could be used separately. It was about finding the right concept as well as the right balance between the two.

The logo represents a chip which translates to the new possibilities PTL could open doors on for their customers. It also features the letters of “P”, “T” and “L” which in turn forms a Rubik’s cube compact shape simply showcasing that despite the fact that PTL is a corporate agency, it is made up of a versatile team of creative and solution-oriented people.
In order to win the pitch against our competitors, we went the extra mile by designing a fictitious branding including a basic website, to give the people at PTL an idea of what we can offer if they ever decided to collaborate with us.
Our Work Under The Spotlight

Honed & Refined by us

All pictures belong to Pavilion Technology Ltd (PTL) and their respective collaborators including sponsors, photographers and videographers among others. Freedom Creative Studio Ltd has been granted permission by Pavilion Technology Ltd (PTL) and its management to use the following imageries for advertising purposes solely and we, Freedom Creative Studio Ltd, therefore, do not claim any rights over them.

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