The MARCOMM SUMMIT 2020 – Catalyst for Growth was a networking event that gathered creatives from different fields for a day of activities including an array of brainstorming, connection and workshop sessions. The highly expected event held on August 29, 2020 at The Flying Dodo, was brought to life by 3 of the biggest local creative communities being Visual Communication Mauritius (VCM), Digital Marketing Mauritius (DMM) and PR/Communication Network Mauritius (PRCOM) to discuss matters about ‘The New Normal Post-Pandemic’ among other subjects.

Our Role As Sponsors
Identity Concept & Design • Brand World • Collaterals & Merchandise Design • Video & Media Creation • Marketing & Advertising Campaign • Website & Online Presence

Initially assigned to a team of creatives who unfortunately could not deliver, our job was to take over and rebuild from scratch. With the help of our buddies from the collaborative Fourlines Design Studio given the short amount of time, the result still turned out to be a stunning campaign leading to an event with standards of international quality.

Services We Provided

         ADS & MERCH

Catalyst For Growth
As a lot of people were struggling through the ups and downs brought by the pandemic to keep their business/career/job afloat represented by the mountain-graph-looking logo, various Mauritian creative platforms came up with online spaces where the concept of ideas exchange and sharing were peaking and quickly progressing to become a buzz. A bigger event was safely set up post-pandemic creating opportunities and exposure bearing the name ‘MARCOMM’ stemming from the terms ‘marketing’ and ‘communication’, with the summit’s main theme revolving around Advertising, PR & Visual Comm, and other related fields.
The MARCOMM SUMMIT 2020 – Catalyst for Growth was the very first of its kind in Mauritius, bringing creative professionals under one roof.

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