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Everything in life has a balance and it is about finding the right one between being professional and chill. Although we do live for the daily hustle, we also love to occasionally let our hair down and be spontaneous…live in the moment. Always wandering for new exciting adventures and the most unique experiences to conquer. We strongly believe in the motto “you have one life so make the most out of it”. Discover a different side to Freedom Creative Studio through our talents, vlogs, inspirations and travels.


I will let my playlist do the talking…

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The Science of Music
Dopamine | C8H1NO2
Serotonin | C10H12N2O
Endorphins | C77H120N18O26S
Dopamine | C8H1NO2
Serotonin | C10H12N2O
Endorphins | C77H120N18O26S

Music is what holds it all together. A fundamental need to the creation of our art, it is perhaps our strongest cornerstone and what makes our imagination, ideas and concepts blossom. It is the essence that fuels Freedom Creative Studio to a new way of thinking – of being inspired – through melodies and sounds. A blending of art, visuals and sound, we introduce to you ‘The Science Of Music’ through Freedom Sessions.

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If I feel I can go to other dimensions, I just go.

Our adventures are perhaps one of our very important source of inspiration, as they often lead to unexpected journeys that usually bear the best memorable experiences. While keeping a very open mind, we get the unique opportunity to interact with and be exposed to different cultures, their lifestyle and even connect with wonderful people. Travelling not only keeps the mind alert but also opens the heart, as well, in inexplicable ways. Be a part of our journeys.

Chapter 1 | Plymouth

Plymouth is home to picturesque layouts made up of mountains and sea views sitting on one of the UK’s proud military history. It is one of the largest cities on the South Coast of England and the 15th largest city in the UK. Plymouth is found in the county of Devon and is connected to Cornwall via the Tamar Bridge, housing a population of approximately 262,700 inhabitants. Welcome to Plymouth!

Chapter 2 | Exeter
Chapter 3 | London
When life throws you lemons…
…Make TikToks and start a trend!
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