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Everything in life is about balance. Although we live for the daily hustle, we also love to occasionally let our hair down and be spontaneous…live in the moment. We are always wandering for new exciting adventures and the most unique experiences to conquer. We strongly believe in the motto “life is too short, so live it to the fullest”. Discover a different side to FCS through our talents, vlogs, inspirations and travels.
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Our adventures perhaps play another major role in fuelling our imagination, as they often lead to unexpected journeys that usually bear the most memorable experiences. While keeping a very open mind, we get the unique opportunity to interact with and be exposed to different cultures, their lifestyle and even connect with wonderful people. Travelling not only keeps the mind alert but opens the heart as well, in inexplicable ways. Be a part of our journeys.
Chapter 1 | Plymouth

Plymouth is home to a rich military history as well as picturesque mountains and sea scenery, being one of the largest cities on the South Coast of England in Devon, and the 15th largest city in the UK with approximately 262,700 inhabitants. Welcome to Plymouth!

Chapter 2 | Cardiff X Future Nostalgia

While we hope that everyone has spent a marvellous month of June celebrating the best version of themselves, we can 100% say that we have been showered with love as we had the utter pleasure to see Dua Lipa on stage for her Future Nostalgia Tour, in Cardiff.

Chapter 3 | London
Freedom is a lifestyle, a culture.

Experiments Worth Living

Freedom is
a culture, a lifestyle.

Experiments Worth Living

*Siiigh* I have no inspiration…
…and I’m so bor…Oh! Nevermind!
Comes a time where normality is not enough giving way to imagination and cravings, that can only be satisfied through interactions with other beings from other dimensions. Roam a never-ending world of infinite possibilities and become the hero or villain of your own story. Experience explosive explorations through Freedom Arcade, our gaming channel.
If I feel I can go to other dimensions, I just go.

Gaming Handle | @thefreedomarcher

If I feel I can go
to other dimensions, I just go.

Gaming Handle | @thefreedomarcher

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