Founded by fellow musician Cedric Cartier in 2015, KABANN was initially a record label in Mauritius that slowly evolved to become one of the most known music-related brands in the Indian Ocean and is currently expanding internationally. Housing artists like ANNEGA, Emanuel Desroches among others, KABANN supports musicians as well as artists, designers, videographers, engineers and any jobs related to the field that could potentially create amazing opportunities locally from events like ELEVEN to massive concerts and gigs.

Our Role
Concept Development & Design  Advertising & Marketing Assistance Recurrent Consultancy & Art Direction Video & Media Creation 

Our task, for 4 consecutive years now, was to assist KABANN in providing them with visual, graphic, concept and art direction services. We simultaneously multitasked every single project with a “no matter how crazy the idea sounds, make it happen fast” mindset. In the end, things somehow always turned out great especially when we get involved as there is always a solution to every problem.

Services We Provided

            CONCEPT DESIGN


proudly crafted by us

Far bigger than just a music record label, the people at KABANN prioritise connections that usually result in a simple smile above anything else. It does not all just rely on setting up gigs and collaborating but rather about finding this special essence which is often the bearer of oxytocin – the love and happiness chemical that our bodies produce when we experience a magical moment. Using a mixture of French, English and Creole to communicate with their audience blended to very warm, local and welcoming values, feeling at home is what KABANN has always been about. Music is what unites us and therefore this unity represents so much more than just entertainment.
KABANN is also immensely involved in eco-sustainable movements which they often set up as a way to show their support to the protection of the environment.
Our Work Under The Spotlight

Honed & Refined by us

All pictures belong to Kabann Records and their respective collaborators including sponsors, photographers and videographers among others. Freedom Creative Studio Ltd has been granted permission by Kabann Records to use the following imageries for advertising purposes solely and we, Freedom Creative Studio Ltd, therefore, do not claim any rights over them.

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