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Salut, Hola, Guten Tag, Ciao, Namaste...Hello!

Ever tired of seeing the same designs, logos, colours, fonts and branding…the same identity? Ever felt like not handing this old, basic, rectangular, sharp-edged business card, because your standards have changed? To freshen-up, give your business a make-over, get up-to-date and follow-up with the latest design trends, it’s simply this way! We want you to be and feel unique. Break the rules and be cool, cause this is what you’ve been longing and are in for.

Since day 1 at Freedom Creative Studio, we vowed to try our best to be nature-friendly by recycling and acting on the little things which together makes a difference. We consider ourselves the advocates of Miss Earthy.

Possibilities are endless. It all starts with us and ends with you, one step at a time. Arising from the desire to save our home and the will to do it, we provide you with SERVICES THAT COST THE EARTH ALMOST NOTHING.


Good designs should not be made
at the expense of mother nature!

Feel #FREE to leave us a message and we shall revert back to you in no time!

Business Hours

Our hours of operation may slightly differ depending on the time zone we are in. But rest assured your deadlines will be respected and goals reached.

Mon – Fri | 10 AM – 6 PM

Wed* | 10 AM – 1 PM

*Exceptional coverage will be provided on the marked days, incurring an additional charge.

Why us you ask?

Keep us around. Get involved. Become a FreeAtive.